Introducing LiveTask

Activate + Refine

Rethink Workflow and Optimize Communication

Between providers, medical coders and compliance professionals your practice relies on secure, quick communication. Inefficient work-flow can easily hinder billing processes, and ultimately delay payments. Though email and phone calls are one way to access decision makers, to truly maximize productivity depends on effectively connecting front-office clinical teams with back-office billing personnel.

Extend Communication Beyond the Clinical Setting with the LiveTask Mobile App.

Stay Connected

LiveTask delivers powerful cloud-based connectivity to ensure every member of the care team responsible for billing has access to the most up-to-date information. Our software allows you to create a secure log-in for the key individuals involved in your revenue-cycle management process. Receive and send messages via chat to alleviate suspended charts, and communicate with coding teams in real-time. The result is faster billing, and saved time.

LiveTask process driven design:

Communicate Effectively
  • Stakeholders can only access information relevant to their position
  • Billing and coding personnel have direct access to clinical staff
Capture Revenue
  • Monitor billing regulations and update pertinent information
  • Set-up accounts for stakeholders to quickly review errors that can delay billing
Save Time
  • Reduce the time to resolve complicated billing issues.
  • Unlimited chat functionality decreases the time between identifying a problem and finding the solution

Discover the difference with LiveTask cloud-based software.

With the easy to use, intuitive chat functionality, the decision-makers in your practice will have access to unparalled connectivity.