Introducing LiveReferral

Referral Management

Transform Your Practice with Interactive Referral Management

The traditional patient referral process is broken resulting in more work for already burdened physicians and a poor experience for your customer, the patient. This inefficiency results in physicians that are frustrated, patients that don’t show up for appointments, and lost revenues for health systems seeking to keep patients satisfied and within their network. Our LiveReferral solution allows the patient to have a hassle-free experience in getting to the right provider to receive quality care.

With our LiveReferral solution you can:

  1. Properly identify a referral
  2. Coordinate the referral
  3. Provide valuable referral follow-up services to your patient

LiveReferral is made for customers seeking to dramatically improve their referral process and operations, facilitate better visibility and more meaningful communications with their patients regarding referrals, and achieve an outsized return on investment from their adoption of our solution.

Minimize the Number of Patients Referred Out of Network

Siloed and ineffective communication between clinical teams during the referral process impacts health systems and risk-bearing networks to the tune of millions of dollars in lost annual revenue. With LiveReferral, the interactive communication channels lead to better compliance with follow-up appointments, and ensures quality of care throughout the care continuum by keeping patients within the appropriate network of care.

With LiveReferral, our technology:

  • Enables care teams to communicate notes and clinical data through secure modules
  • Provide faster response times and scheduling
  • Streamlines follow-up with patients for compliance
  • Allows flexibility to achieve your specific referral management goals

Half the Patients Referred to Specialists Never Complete the Visit

With real-time, in-app communication, care teams can view provider availability and schedule the appointment before the patient leaves the clinical setting. Studies show that patients are 60% more likely to make their referred appointment if it is scheduled in the clinical setting. LiveReferral makes point-of-care referral management hassle-free, ensuring a more pleasant experience for your patients.

LiveReferral leads to proven results that improve your bottom line while leading to more satisfied patients:

Improved Revenue

Increases physician engagement and revenues.

Patient Access

Increases patient access to targeted in-network doctors.

Care Coordination

Improves care coordination, including clinical data sharing, to improve patient outcomes.

The Referral Functionality You Didn’t Know You Could Achieve

QueueLogix has partnered with ReferWell to deliver LiveReferral – a cloud-based RCM and Referral Management platform that allows providers to keep more referrals in network while delivering a more pleasant experience for patients.

ReferWell offers a secure, cloud-based referral management platform created by doctors for doctors to get patients to the right doctor, right away and facilitate closing the loop so care is coordinated more effectively.

ReferWell’s revolutionary system balances all aspects of the referral workflow to meet the needs of patients, providers, and payers across a variety of networks and EMR systems. The platform supports major health care organizations, clinics, physician groups and the at-risk payer networks in which they participate. Getting providers to “refer well” at the point of service leads to enormous benefits not only for physicians but also for their patients and the health plans that ultimately pay for the services.

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The Financial Impact with LiveReferral

The financial impact of referrals driven by LiveReferral speaks for itself:

For more information on how LiveReferral works, actual case-study, and an ROI calculator, please see this page.

LiveReferral: The Value-Minded Solution for Care Team Productivity

When it comes to the referral process, inefficient communication and over-burdened care teams impact quick and efficient referrals. That’s why our integrated LiveReferral & Navigator solution embeds a navigator to answer patient questions and guide them through the referral process using the LiveReferral app. Although providers may have a limited selection of referral specialist, a care navigator empowered by LifeReferral can uncover top-rated specialists with better availability. And most importantly, LiveReferral allows for follow-up compliance, expanding your care team’s ability to monitor patient’s referral journey.

The Referral Functionality You Didn’t Know You Could Achieve

LiveReferral is the referral management module for the future of value-based payments. Launching the interactive features sets your health system apart.

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