Introducing LiveData

Visualize + Reconcile

Where Solutions Meet Action: Using Data to Increase Efficiency

All too often the relationship between data and action is misunderstood and inadequately optimized within healthcare organizations looking to right-size revenue cycle performance. Despite choosing the proper platform to run analytics, many systems fall short of identifying the key metrics to track for your revenue success. That’s because increased data is not synonymous with intelligent action.

We’ve developed a tool that predicts the essential trends you need to track to increase revenue-cycle efficiency. LiveData simplifies enormous amounts of data, transforming the information captured into a visual representation to power billing and coding productivity, and optimize transactions.

A Data-Driven Approach

Our Cloud-Based Module advances the data, providing targeted analytics for your billing and coding team to leverage in real-time. It’s not just a visual tool, it’s a way to improve the revenue-cycle ecosystem with compelling charts giving you the awareness necessary to take action. Our module gathers a range of advanced data to save time, and limit unnecessary reporting. With graphics to show the stark contrast between billable events and suspended charts, tracking mission-driven revenue goals has never been easier.

Visualize the impact of revenue-cycle activities:

Data Intelligence
  • Focus on what matters the most to your decision-makers
  • Visualize discrepancies faster to fix issues quickly
Track Performance
  • Receive alerts of potentially dangerous coding events
  • Reduce denials with accurate patient information
Gain Insights
  • Utilize graphics to green-light revenue-cycle initiatives
  • Target reoccurring problems to solve challenges that hinder financial processes

As a direct result of LiveData, Health systems expand their knowledge of key focus areas hindering revenue optimization. LiveData informs decision making to ensure accuracy and maximize revenue. We’ve developed a tool that brings more transparency to the billing process, improving accountability and lowering the rate of denials.

Recalculating the Costs

LiveData allows you to choose clinically specific metrics to track, so that every action you take is rooted in data intelligence. The LiveData solution continuously delivers overwhelmed and constrained organizations the peace of mind from knowing what challenges exist, and where they are falling short on revenue-cycle goals. LiveData is changing the way health systems do business by unlocking the unstoppable momentum of actionable intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence, Comprehensive Decision Support Systems.

We’ve built a platform and tools that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. For us it’s about making data actionable.