Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions: The Answer to Optimized Reimbursement

For practices large and small, QueueLogix offers more than just state-of-the-art technology solutions – we deliver people power. As a subsidiary of HealthChannels, our software seamlessly integrates with the highly-skilled workforce of our sister companies, ScribeAmerica and CareThrough. With Medical Scribes or Care Navigators embedded within your practice, you can now ensure accurate reimbursement, reduce physician burn-out and ensure your patients are well taken care of. Our ancillary support is proven in academic studies to reduce administrative burdens and right-size staffing ratios while also allowing organizations to provide top-notch service to patients.

Depending on how nostalgic you are for the pre-tech days of sticky notes and fax machines, we’re confident there’s one thing you won’t miss, and that’s the hassle of inaccurate billing. HealthChannels continues to evolve with the changing trends so you’re ahead of the curve.
With support embedded in your practice to implement chats with billing and coding teams via our LiveSuite functionalities, follow-up appointments, chart updates, and compliant documentation take place at lightning speed. We’ve developed the right workforce to catch charting errors and inaccuracies that precipitate lost revenue.

Check out a video of how LiveSuite works in concert with our scribe team members to create a unique experience for our customers.

QueueLogix utilizes a combination of exciting technologies and our knowledge of healthcare finance practices to deliver significant advantages to the organizations that license our technologies. A sampling of what makes us different and at the leading edge of innovation in our field includes: