Preparing for the Future of Value-Based Payments

Numerous advances have occurred for the broader healthcare market, particularly in the areas of new clinical protocols, treatments and technologies. However, these innovations are seldom directed at helping physicians focus on the operations of their own business. QueueLogix is focused on ensuring that our healthcare clients can benefit from the latest technologies to ensure their clinical activities are seamlessly connected with their back-office functions like coding, billing and compliance. QueueLogix also recognizes that healthcare entities must provide a differentiated, unique and customer focused experience to each patient. Our unique solutions provide clinical and back-office decision support capabilities that anticipate errors, ensure efficiency for all stakeholders and accelerate billing. Yesterday’s processes have the potential to cost health systems millions of dollars in lost revenue. Our innovative solutions were designed to identify obstacles, troubleshoot errors, and make system improvements.

Within the existing Revenue Cycle Management structure, the billing process starts the moment a patient schedules a visit, and ends when their bill is zeroed out. During that critical time period, your ability to accurately code and capture patient data depends on the capabilities of your RCM technology.

Our fundamental understanding of industry need and our ability to address changing trends in healthcare are the reason why the HealthChannels family of companies is the trusted solution for over 2,500 partners. Whether it’s technology updates or comprehensive training for our embedded workforce, we’re ready to help you understand and address changing policies.

Learn how QueueLogix and HealthChannels are helping you stay ahead of the curve: