Introducing Point of Service Collections

Our Point of Service Collections program offers an innovative approach to payment collections. Utilizing Care Team Assistants at the point of care, combined with EMR agnostic technology, patients receive mobile notifications about their patient responsibility. With better insight and clarity into their payment options, EDs drastically improve their revenue collections without costly IT implementations

Utilizing Care Team Assistants at the Point of Care & Innovative Technologies to Recapture Your Revenue

A recent study noted that medical bills confuse 70% of consumers, and ultimately two-thirds don’t end up paying their bills of $500 or less. All the while, health systems exhaust countless hours preparing, mailing and attempting to collect payments, ultimately to receive pennies on the dollar. EDs are often caught between two seemingly opposing goals – improve efficiency while better engaging with patients.
The same study noted that most patients would seek out a different health system for a better payment experience. So how do we improve the payment collections process in a way that creates a better experience for the consumer and more efficient for the health system? Introducing Point of Service Collections. The POS Collections program utilizes Care Team Assistants integrated at the point of care and light technology that helps scale conversations and improve the payment experience.


Improving patient engagement doesn’t need to be difficult, or costly. Our Point of Service Collections program helps you improve your payment collections while alleviating the confusion of the medical billing process for patients. Happier patients and improved operational efficiency? Now that’s a win-win.
Replace costly paper invoicing processes.
Reduce duplicate bills and track payor types, from self-pay to copayments.
Give patients clarity about their bills and payment options.
Connect to your patients with platforms they use in their daily life.
An easy to use, mobile-based platform builds customer loyalty and stronger engagement.
Cut down payment times and improve revenue cycles.

How it Works

A proven solution for EMR documentation and other administrative tasks, CTAs allow you to rely on a low-cost, integrated and highly-skilled team member to capture key patient information at the point of care. Conversational AI chatbots then engage with patients, providing reliable, updated information, and deliver a simple mobile-payment option once the bill is ready.

Our conversational AI chatbots are a proven solution to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

With the help of chatbots and Care Team Assistants, patients stay connected to their care teams via text. From mobile bill payment to follow-up appointment reminders. The customizable platform allows for enhanced communication beyond department walls.