Integrated Medical Coding Services: Modern, Compliant Coding at Your Fingertips

Our Integrated Coding Solution merges medical scribes with experienced and certified coders to optimize revenue cycle management and minimize information silos. Integrated medical scribes provide accurate and efficient documentation services that unburden doctors so they can return to the patient’s bedside. Together, we’re connecting front-end medical scribes with back-office coding in a single, unified solution.

The QueueLogix Difference

QueueLogix’s Scribe & Coding Solution lowers costs, increases revenue, and improves the efficiency of your department so providers can work top-of-license and patients receive quality care. Current coding programs function in outdated silos that result in increased costs and recurring delays. QueueLogix offers next-generation billing and coding services that eliminate silos by integrating front-end clinical operations with back-office services.
Our highly-trained personnel provides comprehensive visibility, efficiency, and accuracy to your revenue cycle operations. With the Scribe & Coding Solution, you now have the power of QueueLogix software to optimize accurate coding and close gaps to reporting so that each patient encounter is billed properly and every invoice sent in a timely manner.


The scribe and coding solution bridges the gap between front and back-office teams. With proprietary knowledge, scribes code for HCC and ICD-10-PCS codes that may be overlooked.
Our operations team is able to reduce chart occurrences and help streamline coding activities so your clinical team can work top-of-license.
Optimize revenue cycle management at a lower, integrated cost with a single point of contact.
Increase revenue by connecting the scribe at the point of care with operational staff.
Benefits from over a decade of experience and knowledge of coding requirements best-practices, regulations and trends.

How It Works

Gain greater visibility into patient acuity, RVUs, and other valuable operational and financial metrics through our cloud-based software suite powered by scribes. With our Scribe & Coding solution, expand your knowledge of codes for timely reimbursement.

Scribe and Coding provides all-in-one support for a comprehensive, modern billing experience. With proprietary EMR training, scribes merge clinical knowledge with the coding process to ensure RCM integrity.

Our team has a proven record of helping practices improve their revenue cycle operations through tailored, technology-forward support. Across specialties and patient volumes, the scribe and coding solution propels reimbursement.