About QueueLogix

The Next Generation of Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

As part of the ScribeAmerica family of healthcare solutions, our goal at QueueLogix is to continue driving the next era of groundbreaking solutions for medical coding and related activities as providers transition to value-based care.

QueueLogix helps hospitals, healthcare systems and practices maximize revenue cycles by connecting backend business processes with frontline patient encounters in real-time.

Our Story

When ScribeAmerica was established in 2004, the company’s primary goal was to smooth the transition from paper-based patient documents to electronic medical records (EMRs). At the time, we didn’t realize the full magnitude of what it was we’d be providing. More than a decade later, we’re actively recruiting, training and managing over 15,000 scribes in more than 2,600 locations nationwide.

The company’s focus has always been on improving the accuracy and quality of patient documentation. This has resulted in higher patient satisfaction scores, improved revenue cycles and better continuity of care across millions of provider-patient relationships.

More than 30,000 medical scribes and 30 million patient encounters later, we’ve realized that providers now need more. More back-office accuracy. More ways to speed up billing. More methods to keep up with constantly shifting demands.

QueueLogix is our answer to these mounting challenges. Our highly customizable software and solutions are available where, when and how you need them. Specifically, they work by uniting clerical operations with clinical care, which have historically existed in silos.

It’s truly the next generation of healthcare revenue cycle management.