Imagine an environment where physicians’ time with patients expands rather than shrinks, where coding happens in real time instead of days after discharge and where accurate billing takes minutes instead of hours.

You’ve just pictured a practice powered by QueueLogix.

Our unique mix of software and services is designed to supercharge your healthcare technology so it’s faster, stronger and better. QueueLogix helps hospitals, healthcare systems, private practices and emergency departments:
Transact Easily Connect Meaningfully Trigger the Right Action
Transact Easily

Automate complex back-office business operations with email alerts, real-time analytics and custom reporting.

Connect Meaningfully

Connect coding experts and medical scribes in real-time for greater transparency and faster decisions.

Trigger the Right Actions

Instantly identify correct codes to increase accuracy, reduce billing cycles and improve revenue opportunities.

Transform the disarray of disparate technologies into a real-time queue for coding, billing and other mission-critical activities.

Where Clerical and Clinical Unite

Our healthcare software and services connect back-office coding to frontline patient encounters to help shrink billing times, increase compliance and improve revenue cycles.

Coding experts and clinical staff are connected in a highly orchestrated digital environment where productivity and profitability are paramount.


It all starts with EventCare, a proprietary platform that provides everything your facility needs to achieve more timely and accurate medical coding and billing operations.


Place your medical coding and documentation in the hands of highly-skilled specialists who collaborate in real time for faster, more accurate billing cycles.

“We’ve dramatically improved the feedback loop to our entire organization and that was a key challenge of ours before QueueLogix.”

—HIM Finance Director